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Not sure if all of you know this, but my wife thinks loves Elvis.  We have a special Christmas tree just for Elvis ornaments and she has several shelves of Elvis related items above her desk.  We have a lot of Elvis music in our house.  She’s read nearly every book ever written about Elvis (only one she’s missing that we are aware of) and she’s watched all kinds of movies that even tangentially  link to Elvis.

We’ve done the Elvis in Seattle tour for our 15th wedding anniversary, and for our 20th, I surprised her with a trip to Memphis.

She got to spend a lot of time with original Sun records as a kid, listening to any and everything on that label.

With that in mind, we are going to the 16th Annual Elvis Invitationals at the Experience Music Project here in Seattle.  This will be our fifth or sixth time going.

We are going, don’t you want to go, too?

If you’re feeling froggy, jump on over and join us.  I promise you it will be an experience you will never forget.  It won’t be nearly as entertaining as this:  John Scalzi in a wig, or Jim C Hines in tights in their charity pose-off (which you should totally support), but it will be an experience.

The bands are great, the impersonators usually span a scale of amazing to so drunk they forget the lyrics.  There’s a lot of crowd dancing and singing along.  And the punk band, Graceland Five do very strange things to the King’s repretoire.

So come out, rock the sky church and have a great time.

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