Black Blade Blues is Powells dose of the day!

BBB_MMPBI don’t know if everyone who reads this knows Powells Books, but you should.  They are one of the best independent bookstores in the world.  To visit their Burnside store in Portland is like a trip to the holy land of books.  It’s huge and diverse with a ton of very cool, helpful staff members and an overwhelming selection of new and used books.  I love them.

What I didn’t realize until I started getting reports this morning, was that they do an email flyer every day, and one of the features is something they call The Daily Dose.  This is where you the customer can comment about a book you like and win a prize.

Today, the daily dose is Black Blade Blues. It changes daily, so this will fall down the page after today, but for now, Sarah Beauhall is in the spotlight and I’m very pleased.

Do go check this out.  And think about patronizing Powells if you get the chance.  They also sell online for those of you far away.  But if you ever have the opportunity, make the trek.

My Powells readings are done over at the Beaverton store, so I have to give Peter and that crew a shout-out as well.  The whole company is amazing.


 Check it out.


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