Writing in a (mostly) undisclosed location.

StHelens_Hotel_20140301Synopsis for the new series is coming along swimmingly.  Can’t wait to get this off my plate and over to the agent extraordinaire so I can start drafting.

The publishing world continues to baffle me, so word on the next Sarah book is still pending, but my agent is working her magic.

The project I’m working on now is a brand new trilogy set in the near future with genetics and government conspiracy, bloggers, vampires, mutants and general mayhem and chaos.   Working title for the series is: The Breaking.  Book 1 is Revelation.  These will be longer than the Sarah books, but I hope just as enjoyable.

As things roll along, I’ll update information about this and any other thing of interest.

Be happy, read good books, share the love.




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7 Responses to “Writing in a (mostly) undisclosed location.”

  1. Deb Kerekes

    Yeah! Can’t wait!

  2. Sigena


    Just wanted to let you know that there are fans of Sarah over here in the old world as well (at least one ;-)) who also find it verrry hard to wait for the next book in the series…hopefully it’s going to be published as hardcover right from the start-when it comes to books I’m a wee bit oldfashioned.

    Keep them coming, pleaaase.

    Kind regards from Southern Germany, Sigena

    • Susanne

      Wow, I wouldn’t have figured there were other fans of the series here in Southern Germany! Nice to know I’m not the only one going crazy about these books here! As for me, the next one can’t be coming soon enough!

  3. Emilie Nesbitt

    Love to hear about the new series in the works–and am chomping at the bit for the next Sarah one! Hope it’s coming along soon! Love your books, can’t wait to read more!

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  4. Melinda

    I just finished Forged in Fire, and I can’t wait to read more!

  5. Ryan

    It’s one thing to write an amazing book. It is quite another thing to create a character or group thereof that your reader cannot help but fall in love with. As a bisexual individual myself (though a male one), I was quite pleased to see a heroine that was outside of the norm, so to speak. No doubt, you’ve created a character for young girls with similar outlooks to idolize and think, “I’m not a freak. She’s just like me, and she’s a hero!”. That sort of thing is important today with the near-constant barrage of negativity lgbtq youths have to endure. For that, I thank you. Also, I must have more Bub!

  6. Seanna

    As a lesbian & apprentice blacksmith I have to write to you in support for your books about Sarah and company. I’ve been a member of the SCA for over 20 years, and though I’m over 40 now I can totally relate to and thoroughly enjoy Sarah’s point of view and story.

    Please keep the story going – this is a one-of-a-kind story and a world that needs your voice! Thank you for being the messenger!


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