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Cleric Journal: Day Fifty-One



Liz and I were up early and packed before Tim even woke up. She wanted to stab him in the worse way, miming it while standing over him. His alarms would be going off if that were a true threat. I think she was just acting brave. I took the pack with the iron rations in them. Tim had me carrying them in any case. Also the barrel of water was full since he had us boiling water every night.

I hated the thought of heading back into leeches, but after Tim, I was thinking that at least I knew exactly why the swamp leeches acted the way they did. They were just surviving. Tim was an asshat.

I was shocked how much faster we went once we left Tim. Even cutting across fens and bogs, we were well away from the road when we heard Tim’s angry shouting. We hunkered down in a stand of cat tails nearly a half a league from the road, but we could see enough to see Tim and the zombies go shambling north, Tim screaming our names and threatening to cut us into little pieces.

From that distance his voice was tiny and squeaky. Made me want to laugh, but I’d been kissed by my first swamp leech in days and nothing was funny any longer.

Liz and I moved due east toward the heart of the swamp and away from the edges where Tim and others like him roamed. I think maybe I can see why you and the rest of our order had moved so far away from civilization. The isolation seemed strange to me, for an order that practiced fertility rituals. I figured we’d need to be around farms or castles full of maidens (that was Sister Agnes’s fondest wish, and I heartily agreed with her.)

At one point we came to a section of the swamp where the water got super deep and I couldn’t just trudge through it any further. To swim I’d have to ditch all my gear, which I was not interested in doing.

Instead we camped early on a point of land above the water where we could build a fire and boil some water to soak the iron rations in. We’d learned if we made it into sort of a stew with some chopped up fish it was nearly edible.

My pot was pretty small so we wouldn’t be eating a lot, but it would keep us alive. I was just so relieved to be rid of Tim that it was like a celebration. Liz even sang a song. It was very sad and dealt with death. She had a very sweet voice. When she was done, she said it had been for Brother Charles since we had not been able to morn him properly since Wizard Tim had shown up and distracted us.

I used a little of the divine every day to mend the two feathers I had tied into my hair. I missed that bird. I hope he has gone to a better hunting ground where the stirges fly slow and the coconuts are plentiful.

I said a few words to Brother Charles, then we drew straws for watch. I took the first so she could sleep. I kinda missed Tim’s alarm spell. It would be a nice thing to have.

It was after midnight when we saw the lightning on the far horizon. There was a battle no more than a league from us, but we were in no mood to go see how it turned out. There was nothing Tim had that I wanted, truth be told. He was a petty man and mean-spirited. While I hate to wish ill of anyone, I would not lose any sleep if he ended up in the belly of something with large teeth.

Well, there was one thing. Tim had this fuzzy pink hat that I would love to have. On him it looked silly, but on me, well. Let’s just say that the Sisters would find me dashing. It was a good look on me. Or so I supposed.

It’s time to wake Liz for her shift so I’m signing off for the night. The battle in the distance continues to rage. A ball of fire rose into the sky at one point. For a self-serving prick, Tim was pretty powerful.

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