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Cleric Journal: Day Forty-Nine



Tim decided to travel with us for a few days. Not sure why, but I think he was fascinated to see what happened next. Once I started carrying the bag of heads, they stopped biting. Unfortunately they started asking me questions. Of course, they did that thing where they used a different language for each sentence, and rotated between the three of them so I could barely understand a damn thing they said. On the plus side, I think I’ve learned three swear words in Abyssal and four epithets in Celestial (but to tell the truth, I wouldn’t call that swearing).

Tim had a bit of scrying in him, believe it or not. He said if I had any pearls, he could tell me about the magic items I carried. I scoffed at him. Sure I had a handful of pearls from the treasure we’d gathered, but I didn’t have any magic items. Well, maybe the potions, they may be. He shook his head at me and cast a spell that made magic items glow.

Boy, was I surprised. Here are the following items. The shrunken heads (duh), the mace (I had an idea it has some small magical ability), all the potions from the bandit camp and the one from the spiders tower were magic, as were the two scroll cases from the spiders. The vambraces (metal) were not, but the leather bracers were, as was the shield. I have no idea how people with so many magical items could fall to those damned spiders. People are idiots.

Finally, I was shocked to find, that the cobbled together Bullywog spear I carried was actually two magic items fused together. What I thought had been a very poor job of mending turned out to be a point where the now broken sword had been somehow magically fused with the long staff of the spear.

I only had three pearls, so I had to pick and choose.

We decided to start with those items that were the most unknown. Bracers offered a modicum of magical protection, but very miner. The shield also had an enchantment which helped protect the wielder. Lastly I chose one of the potions, hoping I had something really cool and powerful. Yeah, no such luck. I picked one of the pretty ones and it ended up being a potion of Clairvoyance. Didn’t sound all that useful to me. Liz didn’t think so either.

Of course, once Tim explained exactly what Clairvoyance was, I got excited. For ten minutes I could look ahead in the area I was, someplace obvious, or I could see or hear someplace familiar. I could look back at the monastery and see what was happening. I could see if Sister Vera made it there safely with my first week letters. I could watch Sister Agnes at her worship.

Okay, I’m gonna need to wrap this up today and go spend some quality alone time away from the others. Trust me, it won’t take long.

I’m back. Tim asked me if I was okay, said he thought he heard me calling out. I told him I had a cough. He eyed me funny, but rolled over and went back to sleep. Man, that dude slept a lot. Turns out he has an alarm spell that would alert us if anyone or anything came into the room, so we all get to sleep tonight. Then we are off to find the main road and skirt this edge of the swamp for a while. It definitely heads to my ancient city, Tim had assured me. It was the one place he and his party had been avoiding. Luckily the dragon broke up any plans they had.

FYI, Tim can animate the dead. After a long debate he decided to animate his two fallen companions in a bizarre hope that he find a true cleric and somehow resurrect them. I said I was a real cleric, as I’d saved his life.

He nodded, giving me credit, but said to come back when I’d grown up and I could run around with him on true adventures. Right now he said me and my lizard girlfriend were just playing at adventuring.

I’m thinking that maybe wizard Tim and Brother Durham would get along just fine.

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