Brand new Sarah Beauhall story available online

It’s been a while since anyone saw something new about Sarah Beauhall, so I’m pleased to announce a brand new short is available at Urban Fantasy Magazine.  It’s called Sarah Beauhall and the Bivalve Beat Down.  I hope you enjoy it.


I strongly encourage you to pay something for the issue, but it’s totally up to you.  You are free to put in zero in the amount to get the digital magazine.  But the fine folks over at UFM are doing a great job and we want to keep them putting out more issues with great stories.


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5 Responses to “Brand new Sarah Beauhall story available online”

  1. indigo

    Regarding being dropped by Tor….

    I am sorry. I loved your Sarah Beauhall (sp?) Books. How about self publishing? Selling to us fans who have been dying to find out what’s going on with the Nordic gods, what is Sarah’s role in the universe? Sell us the books!!!!!

  2. Matthew

    I find myself continually reflecting back on Sarah Beauhall the finest new book series out recently. I love of the idea of the Urban fantasy mixed with the Renaissance Fair. I’m greatly disappointed we are not seeing the next book in the series. I for one would be perfectly happy paying hardback book price for electronic company.

    • John


      I’m in talks with a different publisher for the next 2 books. I’ll post when I get more news, but keep your fingers crossed.

  3. Cristina

    This has truly been an amazing story with an inspiring female character whose dragon slaying and gritty attitude has given me a few good laughs and kept me interested.

    Sarah is definitely a role model for being such a badass, but surprisingly, this is also my first dragon sci-fi series (I needed a break from werewolves and vamps for awhile).

    As such,I cannot wait for the next installment. I love this series, so please keep it going!

    -A Fan from Texas


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