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Cleric Journal: Day Ten



You know what I hate almost as much as biting flies? Leeches. They really give me the creeps. I mean, who the hell designed a creature with a mouth like that and a taste for blood. I’m betting one of those Elvish gods made them, thinking they were funny. Sister Edna told me to watch Elves because they were shifty. There was a reason Semaunya (may her followers grow in number) encouraged her worshipers to eschew the company of those not of her tribe. Elves are a tricksey lot.

I’m so glad I have this sturdy raft, because twice as I was minding my own business I came across fresh corpses covered in the evil Elvish razor faced blood suckers. And I’m not talking the little ones of a foot or so, these monsters were two feet in length at a minimum.

We were in fairly deep water when I came across the bodies. I honestly have no idea where they had come from. They didn’t appear rancid or bloated just yet. Probably died over night. They looked like adventures, with gear and such that I thought to liberate for my own use.

Of course, for some reason, they decided to rise up, shedding water and leeches, and made to follow me. I’m not even sure what species two of the undead were before the leeches took them down. Gnomes, maybe? Too skinny for dwarves, or so I assume by the descriptions I read in the monastery.

See I did study. I remember my history, my letters (as you can see by this journal) and even some ciphering. One day, when I get some money, I’m confident I will be able to use it to purchase goods and services without risk of being taken advantage of. All money is based on ten, right? Ten copper equals one silver, ten silver equals one gold. Brother Durham tried to convince me that five silver was the equivalent of one electrum, but I think he was trying to make a fool out of me. I never trusted him.

Anyway, the original group of undead caught up with me just after mid day and joined the new stinkers. Travelling here was difficult for them, apparently. They never got close enough to touch the raft, but they did moan a lot. It has become quite annoying. I just hope I can sleep tonight despite the noise. All those putrid bodies and skeletons shoulder deep in leeches, stagnant, muddy water and the odd toad gave me a new insight into perseverance. I still have no idea why they are following me, but I’m growing used to them. Not the smell though. That’s getting rank.

Also, remember that log with teeth that ate the mule. It has returned as well. I thought I lost it when I made for deeper water, but no such luck. I find it almost amusing that it floats just beyond the undead, pacing them. I have no doubt it could capsize my raft, but for some reason it is content to follow at a distance. Maybe it remembers how I terrified it so badly in the encounter where I turned that first group of undead.

Their walking has stirred up things from the muck of the swamp. Slimy things. Things with three eyes and long snouts. And long, Elvish razor face suckers.

But I’m definitely sleeping in the middle of the raft. I would hate to roll over in my sleep and stick my leg or arm into the water here.

Stupid leeches.

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