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Cleric Journal: Day Nine



I woke moderately refreshed and exited Sister Vera’s rather tiny shack on the edge of the swamp. She sure liked collecting dead things. Kind of ironic, I know, with all the undead that were waiting for me out in the swamp.

Turns out the rest of the villagers were not as convinced of my good natured personality. I tried to explain how Sister Vera wasn’t coming back, and how I’d spent time healing her. They were dubious. Curiously many of the men laughed, which drew some dangerous looks from the women.

Their leader, a burly man with long arms and short legs asked me to describe some of the rituals which drew more laughter.   I don’t think the ones laughing noticed that several of the women and two men seemed seriously interested. I offered to do a mass ceremony in the fashion that Sister Agnes had described to me, but I was shouted down.

There were only like two dozen people living in the village and most of them smelled pretty bad.   Seems they had been working up the courage to come to the tower and see what happened to Sister Vera. Kind of them. Once I explained her plans, they decided to call a quick town meeting to discuss matters. I took the time to say my morning liturgy and pray. The swamp can be quite lovely when you’re not arse deep in leeches and biting flies.

In the end they sent a runner to the old tower. Sister Vera gave the young hoodlum a clout on the ear for his trouble, but he confirmed my story. She did mention how much she wished I had stayed back for one more day and worshipped with her. Maybe two, as she reported some chafing. Word to the wise. More holy oil. She’s such a dear.

The villagers were so astonished by the news of my healing prowess they not only gave me my pick of the rafts, but the provided several sacks of provisions. One woman asked if she could come with me to learn of my rituals, and two men volunteered to guide me out of the swamp in exchange for such knowledge. These people are ripe for word of the great Semaunya (may she remain fertile). You should seriously consider reclaiming this tower and seeing to these people’s spiritual needs.

I’m sad to report that when my newest friends learned that I made for the ancient ruined city in the heart of the swamp they were horrified. They grew argumentative, but when I mentioned my holy visions and how Sister Vera had given me direction, they acquiesced. I think they were afraid of the sweet woman.

The three of them wept as I poled the raft away from the high ground of the village and out into deeper water. Maybe I should’ve stayed behind to teach them.   At least I could’ve taught them a few of the beginning healing exercises that Sister Edna taught me in the beginning. But I just could not bring myself to stay another minute.

I know it’s petty of me, but they could’ve all used a good scrubbing. I know they live in a swamp, but perhaps I would have done more good to introduce them to soap and a nice stiff brush.

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