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Cleric Journal: Day Seven



The crone, whom I name Sister Vera, spent the night at the outpost, insisting I practice my rituals over and over. It is refreshing to find one so dedicated to worship. She has offered to bring this first log of my travels to you in repayment for my most worshipful ministrations.

I hope you are content with my outreach. Her people know of this outpost and implied she knew how our people came to be killed here. I didn’t follow everything she said as I was busy healing her, but it seems that someone in the monastery may have been involved, so please take care. I implored her to only give these letters to Sister Agnes or yourself.

I think I’d look to Brother Durham. He seems a little shifty to me.

Today I gathered the supplies I could carry, along with food that newly converted Sister Vera provided me. She wished I would stay and worship with her more, but I showed her several forms she could practice on her own, and that seemed to appease her. I also suggested when she get to the tower that she ask Sister Agnes to show her more advanced forms of worship and she seemed pleased with that opportunity.

I am spreading the true message as I can. All praise to Semaunya (may her people multiply beyond reckoning).

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