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Cleric Journal: Day Thirty-Seven



I woke to the sound of Brother Charles squawking like we were under attack. I bolted upright, reached for my mace, but found it was gone. You can imagine how horrified I was at that moment. I glanced around in a panic and found the young Lizard girl standing near one of the huts, her spear in the belly of a large toad creature and my mace at her feet.

I scrambled up and ran toward her when three other frog men leapt into view at the end of town. Brother Charles flew down the wide trail toward the new threat when my Lizard girl shouted “Bullywogs”.

I ran to her and snatched up the mace. The Bullywog she had killed had apparently attempted to steal it from me, since his webbed fingers were still wrapped around the haft. Fortunately for me, his hand was no longer attached to his wrist. My new friend had seen to that before stabbing him.

However, the hand was a shriveled husk. I brushed down the haft of the mace, and the hand fell to dust.

“Don’t touch the mace,” I said, out loud and the girl grunted, pulling her spear from the dead Bullywog.

Her reply with something that loosely translates to: “you don’t have to tell me twice,” then she was running toward the new foe. I took a deep breath, hefted the mace, and followed suit. Couldn’t let a young girl and my bird friend have all the fun.

This has been a scouting party, luckily enough. Brother Charles harried the raiders from the air. Sister Elizabeth (yes, I’m calling her Liz, like Lizard because that’s how I roll. Get over it.) Young Liz was at a stand-off with the new attackers, each keeping the other at bay with their spears. Luckily I was there to come barreling toward them like Brother Durham heading to the heading to the worship hall on the monthly Sister’s Only healing extravaganza.

Just a word about that. You do realize that if you stand on a crate in the third store room on the left heading toward the laundry, that you can see into the women’s dorm? Sister Edna showed me, but cautioned me to be careful to make sure Brother Durham wasn’t there already, or that he’d already gone away. I never lasted very long, she said. She always snickered at that.

Anyway, the battle. I’ll cut to the chase. We won.

It was thrilling, I wish you could’ve been here. I mean, the prowess I was attaining with the mace would astound you. For a moment there I felt like I had gained in skills, like a cosmic increase in my abilities and confidence. It was a heady experience.

But, with the death of the scouts, young Liz suggested that we move on. Between my cooking, the death of the toad, which she informed me had been set to watch the village, and the scouts… our presence was surely known to the rest of the Bullywog raiders. And if not already known, soon to discover. When the toad didn’t return, they sent the scouts. When the scouts don’t return, they would send a raiding party, and we did not stand a chance with them.

I wanted to argue, but caution won out. My budding skills as a holy warrior notwithstanding, even Brother Charles thought it best we press on.

We looted the bodies for anything of use, took their weapons and loaded up the raft. I had my stack of rat pelts and enough sinew and bone to sew the whole lot together. Maybe I’d make a tent? Who knows. I’d think of something.

We shoved off before dark, thinking to put enough distance between us and the island village before the moon rose. I suggested we go back the way I’d come, but Liz was terrified by the mushroom people. Called them Myconids. She assured me that this group had been turned by the great evil in the swamp. That they had been a peaceful people, trading with her village, before the darkness came.

Made me sad that I’d killed some of them. She thought maybe I lied about that, so I didn’t push the matter. I had been hallucinating quite a bit that night (and the night after).

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