Red Hot Chills: Bump in the Night Thriller Bundle

I’m personally sick of 80+ weather and all this bloody sunshine.  Where is my Seattle gloom?  As I tell my friends, the sun is best observed from the shade.  And when you’re in the shade the best thing is a frosty cold beverage and a good book.

Or, you know… sixteen good books…

Night Terrors, Sarah Beauhall book 4 is in the new “Bump in the Night Thrillers” story bundle.  If you have been waiting to get this one, here’s your chance.  Not only can you pick up my latest Sarah book, but there are a total of sixteen suspenseful, fun, and entertaining books in this bundle.

You name your own price, get the eBooks via instant download in your preferred format. You support indie authors, and a portion of the proceeds goes directly to charity, to support the worthy cause of the Challenger Learning Centers for Space Science Education.  What better way to support a cool STEM related charity and get a ton of excellent story in the bargain.

The bundle books include compelling urban fantasy reads with the newest adventure of Sarah Beauhall and her world of dragons, giants, dwarves and elves, all set in a present day Seattle.  Fans of a strong female lead will be pleased with this series.  Sarah Beauhall must discover what has happened to her lover, Katie Cornett, and plumb the depths of their nightmares to find their way back home.

This eclectic bundle also has some of the strangest detectives you’ve ever met, including Dan Shamble Zombie P.I. in my own Unnatural Acts, as well as ghosts, elves, vampires, sorceresses, modern-day dragon slayers, immortal Shakespearean characters, and more in Dean Wesley Smith’s The Deep Sunset, R.R. Virdi’s Grave Beginnings, Patrick Hester’s Into the Fire, Susan Sizemore’s Living Dead Girl,  L. Jagi Lamplighter’s Prospero Lost, Alex Berg’s Red Hot Steele and Cold Hard Steele.

For thrilling adventures in other times and places, there’s Death Wind by Travis Heermann and Jim Pinto and Lady Sherlock by Brooks Wachtel. For straight suspense with a high-tech or a darker edge, you’ll enjoy the Daredevils Club novel Artifact written by me, F. Paul Wilson, Matthew J. Costello, and Janet Berliner, and The Demon in Business Class by Anthony Dobranski, Whack Job by Mike Baron, and The Devil’s Churn by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. If you like all kinds of fast-paced fiction, there’s the new anthology Pulse Pounders 2: Adrenaline.



The bundle is only available through August 16. Get a huge bundle of reading material, help support indie authors, as well as the Challenger Center.

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